The Band

Nigel Hinshelwood is an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist, who grew up and learned to play music in Southwest Virginia. Along with composing original songs, Nigel arranges traditional bluegrass tunes with hard-driving melodies that will keep you on your toes


Zachary Byrd plays lightning guitar and is an excellent singer/songwriter. He is the young spirit that keeps moving this band to new directions. It's not your father's bluegrass band. 




Mark Ashby has been playing the bass 4 decades.

Born and raised in the mountains of Western Maryland, Mark has played in Nashville, Seattle and on Broadway.

Mark has been playing in the Washington area for the past 30 years.

Mark is accomplished in a variety of styles including jazz, soul, rock and roll and bluegrass.


Dennis Diamond, who plays in various musical settings (both electric and acoustic) is a multi instrumentalist, engineer, and producer at Moosehead Studio.  Dennis plays mandolin and dobro in the Western Avenue String Band.  He has traveled Western Avenue for almost 50 years so we named the band after him, natch.


Zachary Diamond, just arrived from Lima, Peru, where he lived for five years playing drums and doing other non-Bluegrass things and being generally Bluegrass deprived due to the scarcity of Bluegrass musicians and Bluegrass music in Peru. He joined Western Avenue to play fiddle and mandolin, and because two Zachary's in a band are better than one.